My name is Cayla-Jo, I’m 24, and I work in social services supporting those with developmental disabilities. The home which I work in currently is where I create all of my culinary masterpieces! And unfortunately quite a few culinary disasters as well, but of course since I started this blog there really hasn’t been any more incidents 😉

I’m enthusiastic about keeping these recipes simple, and tasty! I started out my culinary career by burning instant pudding so- if you’ve done better than that you’re already a few steps ahead of me and will be a pro when you recreate my food. I strive with each recipe to ensure a great taste, as well as many added nutrients to support well being.


  • This is my dog, Leroy. He will periodically make an appearance on here as he is my life!

I’ve got a BA in Psychology from Trent University, and I’m currently looking forward to finishing my bachelor of social work through the same school.

Don’t be shy, I love to hear from you. Leave me a comment about a recipe you’ve tried- or send me a message with some suggestions or requests. I love recreating dishes with my own spin.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you, please enjoy!