Cayla-Jo Got a New…



Yayyy it finally arrived.

I’m a regular on Aliexpress, which is an online shopping platform. This apron cost me under $10 CAD and is super cute..the fabric is also high quality and IT HAS POCKETS.

You want one? You can find it  HERE

I asked a couple of the persons I support how they liked it and one man told me it looked like a fun day with his mom when he was a kid, and the other man started “whoop-whooping”, so I’m assuming that means they both like it LOL! This is the first day I will no longer be ruining all of my clothing with splotches of different sauces, spices, and fixings. I’m sure you all know, some smells you really just CANNOT get out of some fabrics.

I’m also a garlic enthusiast, so there’s that.

I’ve also just recently gone through a pretty tough break-up, and I prefer to cope with such things by compulsively spending all of my money on things I (don’t really) need. Chances are as the packages come rolling in, I will be showcasing what I’ve got on here so you have that to look forward to as well!



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